Was Jesus real?  Was Jesus a real person? Or was he a figment of someone’s imagination?  A fictitious character?  Perhaps a legend derived from stories spun by elders sitting around a campfire at the end of the day.

Was Jesus a character created by some religious fanatics hiding in a cave in the middle of the mountainous desert?  Or was he someone, the “religious  establishment” of that day, created, in order to control the masses ?

Was Jesus a prophet, sent by God, to teach humanity how to live.  Is he, one of many ways to heaven, or, as he himself claimed, was he, and is he, the only way to God the Father?

Does archeology, in any way, substantiate the claims for those who believe in Jesus Christ?

Do any historians of note, from that era, ever mention Jesus in their writings?  Do we have access to their writings today?

In this blog, we will explore  whether someone named Jesus Christ  actually lived.  We will examine the claims for Christ from a historical stand point, from an archeological standpoint,  and from a biblical stand point.

It is doubtful that any thinking, rational person, can ever deny the impact  that someone named Jesus Christ has had upon humanity.

The United States of  America was largely founded by individuals fleeing the economic, political and religious oppression prevalent in the Europe of their day.

Perhaps the greatest proof for the existence of Jesus Christ,  is the nation of Israel and its people.  On May 14, 1948, Israel became a nation, once again, despite the overwhelming odds against this happening.  Jesus was himself, of Jewish ancestry.  If any people have anything to gain by denying the existence of Jesus, it would be the Jews,  specifically, the religious ruling body, but, they have never denied the existence of Christ.

Understand that Jesus Christ was never a member of the influential Jewish religious establishment of that day.  It was the religious establishment who hated and opposed Jesus Christ the most and, according to the Bible, eventually had him tried on trumped up charges, then  killed, by crucifixion.

We undertake this study by knowing and understanding that little, if any documentation exists, for any major historical figure from the time of Christ.   Most historical documents from that day have been lost due to wars, theft, weathering, fire, and from deterioration.

There is little, if any documentation, supporting the life of major historical figures of that era, such as Julius Caesar.   That any historical proof of the existence of Christ, (who was not a great political or military figure, but a religious authority from an obscure nation, Israel, that had been enslaved by the mighty Roman empire ) exists today, is rather amazing.

We will also provide bible studies for anyone who might be interested in studying the Bible.  These bible studies will not reflect the views of any religious establishment, religious organization or any religious person.  These bible studies will be written, to the best of our abilities, to reflect  what God intended for the Bible to say to mankind.

Note that we are not affiliated with any religious organization,  religious establishment,  or any religious person.

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